WMU is recognized by the United States Department of Education offering the best quality and high level of education.

WMU is an active member of ATS, ABHE, and WMU titles are registered with HEA and USDE; therefore, it is recognized in all Christian universities in the United States.

WMU students may receive benefits offered by different scholarships and assistance programs by the state or federal government of the United States


World Mission University is a university based in Los Angeles, CA that was founded by the Reverend Dong Sun Lim for his firm determination and his belief that "The Global Village is My Ranch". There was no place too far or too remote to carry the gospel message. Founder Dong Sun Lim was a lifelong missionary who had a passion to carry the gospel message to the ends of the world.


Founder Dong Sun Lim's desire was to raise up Christian leaders with a strong desire to expand the kingdom of God. World Mission University was established to train pastors, missionaries, and lay leaders.


World Mission University in its mission to empower people through transformational biblical education to serve the church and impact the world for Christ, has developed the vision to expand new horizons in global mission through the Latin-American Leadership Center (Latin-American Leadership Center)


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The Mission of Latin-American Leadership Center (LLC) is to train pastors, missionaries and lay leaders through a transformational biblical formation so that the church is an agent of change in God's global mission.

The Vision of the Latin-American Leadership Center includes developing a new generation of Hispanics, faithful pastors, passionate missionaries, and lay leaders who impact the contemporary Latino world.

Latin-American Leadership Center aims to enable Latino leaders to:

☞ Understand, interpret and communicate the message of the Bible accurately;
☞ Exhibit spiritual and personal maturity;

☞ Demonstrate understanding of Christian theology;
☞ Demonstrate practical skills in their specific fields;
☞ Demonstrate ability to influence and guide others individually and corporately;

☞ Demonstrate post-secondary level of critical thinking; and
☞ Demonstrate cultural sensitivity to effectively engage the world.

The values ​​of the Latin-American Leadership Center (LLC) are:

To lead with passion their neighbor in the style of the Lord Jesus who with love, patience and humility sought the good of others.

Fight for respect for the richness of the manifold grace of God, manifested in the beliefs and practices of the different evangelical Christian churches.


Collaborate for the Global Mission of God through the exercise of the Christian virtues of love, respect, patience, humility and everything that builds the community of faith.


❖ We are part of an institution that respects the different doctrines and practices of the evangelical churches. In an environment of harmony we encourage our teachers to teach a Bible-centered theology in the bond of respect and understanding for Christian diversity.
❖ We are part of an international institution, men and women from different backgrounds such as Latin America, North America, Korea and other regions are part of the teaching and student body. The dream of the founder of World Mission University is to rise to the level of institutions like Harvard, Yale or Princeton ”. (Dong Sun Lim, Retrospect and Prospect, 2000).
❖ We are part of an institution that has a deep passion for serving the local churches in the United States and throughout the Spanish-American Territory.
❖ In the pursuit of excellence in leadership training, the Leadership Latino-American Center uses Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the diversity of programs offered.